Leader in easy to clean protective coatings.

Nanoskin is a patented system that restores and protects glass surfaces. The glass is upgraded and converted to anti-stick, making it easier to clean and maintain its original beauty for years.

Main Advantages


  1. It is applied only once.
    Permanent coating, which becomes part of the glass
  2. It makes cleaning very easy.
    The surfaces become anti-stick and the cleaning time decreases by up to 90%. It nullifies the use of powerful and toxic detergents.
  3. It prevents accumulation of dirt and salts.
    It reduces labor costs. It reduces cleaning frequency.
  4. Protects against corrosion.
    e.g. from sea salt and environmental pollution.
  5. New surfaces retain their shine.
    Discoloration, blurring of glass over the years is avoided. It prevents having to replace glass panes.
  6. Self-cleaning ability.
    It helps significantly in self-cleaning, under rain, of external surfaces.
  7. It makes it easy to remove concrete, silicone plaster residue.
    e.g. at the building stage. Fingerprints are also easier to clean.
  8. It restricts growth of bacteria and mold.
  9. It enhances transparency.
  10. It protects the environment.

Permanent hydrophobic coating for glass surfaces!

Resistant to cleaning products, abrasion, acid rain, high temperatures and UV radiation.

5 years warranty!

Ideal for

  • Showers
  • Architectural glass
  • Glass railings
  • Glass shelters
  • Glass fences
  • Glass facades – shop windows
  • Doors – windows – mirrors
  • Glass facade systems- glass benches
  • Decorative glass panes

After applying the coating the cleaning time is significantly reduced, but the need for cleaning is not eliminated. Cleaning can be done very easily, e.g. with a soft microfiber cloth and some water.