Shop windows

Construction and fitting!

It is a fact that the first contact of the potential customer with the shop, as an optical stimulus, is through the shop window. They are the solid facade of professional spaces and shops combined with open doors, folding or automatic radar doors.

Choose now the type of glass pane you want to place based on the products you want to display or the use and safety of your space.

Anti-vandalism glass panes

This series of special glass with the use of which safety and protection needs are met of premises for which for known reasons it is required or chosen to use glass (banks, public buildings, museums, offices, etc.).

Anti-reflective glass panes

Anti-reflective glass panes are best suited to avoid light reflections to the maximum and an almost invisible effect can be achieved. Applied mainly to frames, display windows and showcases of high-value items such as artworks and jewelry.

Laminated glass panes

Multi-layer glass panes with special PVB anti-UV film, which can prevent the transmission of up to 99.6% of ultraviolet radiation. Ultraviolet radiation, especially the range 280-380nm (UVB & UVA), may have harmful effects such as sunburn on skin and fading the color of objects exposed to the sun.

Corfu Glass undertakes the dismantling of the old window, the installation of the perimeter aluminum and the installation of the new one, offering a complete solution.